TGSPL conducted a Pilot research study in January 2015 on involvement of Child Labor and Home working in the Leather footwear supply chain in South India and found that uppers of leather shoes of some well known brands are hand stitched by women in their homes along with children after their school hours.

4 day workshop conducted in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Sustainable Compliance Measures for Compliance and Production teams in MAS holdings in Nov 2014

4 day training program conducted in Vietnam for a group of Quality Inspectors for identifying and red flagging Zero tolerance concerns pertaining to ethical sourcing from manufacturing facilities.

Our Company

Risk Assessment

TGSPL conducts risk assessments in factories. These are based on the product / production processes and equipments used. The assessments also cover the Security Services, Canteen services and any other outsourced services. The assessments pertain to  all Code elements  and cover all categories of workers.

SCI assessments

Being accredited monitors / assessors for  the FLA (Fair Labor Association) ,TGSPL has conducted SCI assessments in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.